Moscow Office
Taking into consideration well-established Russia-Turkey relations and a number of companies conducting business in those countries, Ketenci Law Firm (“Ketenci”) spread its international coverage by opening an office in Moscow as of October 2014.

The Moscow office has enabled Ketenci to provide high-quality legal services to the number of existing clients, which are based in Russia, with a comfort of doing business “at home”. In addition to this, by establishing its presence in Russia, Ketenci has opened doors to numerous local clients, who have already entered or are only willing to enter the market of Turkey.

Being an Istanbul based law firm since 1989, Ketenci has also offices in Minsk and Baku. Primarily focused on the CIS countries, Ketenci provides legal services to both Turkish and international clients, and acts as an official program partner of Borsa Istanbul in Belarus, Russia and Azerbaijan. Ketenci has a team of more than 30 lawyers and several international legal counsels. We aim at providing extensive and qualified professional assistance and legal support to businessmen who are present or wish to establish trade and economic activities in Turkey and/or Russia.

Russia and Turkey already have strong diplomatic, economic and trade relations. Nevertheless, there is still an increasing mutual interest and dependence between Russia and Turkey. For this reason Ketenci opened its office in Moscow, and, no doubt, changed the balance of power on the scale of competitiveness in the market of legal services, which is to be used to the benefit of our clients.
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Sadovaya-Triumphalnaya, 4-10 home, II premises, Moscow, RUSSIA
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